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Nepal Consulting Lawyers Inc is a legal consultancy firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The firm (PFN 28078/959) is registered with the Department of the Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Supplies. The firm's consultancy is led by Dr Bipin Adhikari, a senior constitutional lawyer and an experienced professional.

About Us

Nepal Consulting Lawyers Inc is a legal consultancy firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The firm (PFN 28078/959) is registered with the Department of the Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Supplies. The firm's consultancy is led by Dr Bipin Adhikari, a senior constitutional lawyer and an experienced professional who has over 20 years of legal experience in Nepal and internationally. The team is supported by other eminently qualified professionals.

The scope of our consulting practice covers a broad range of constitutional and legal themes including development law. Our firm is well positioned to service Nepal based clients as well as international entities. Our services are mainly targeted at clients from the following segments:

  • Government and public sector organizations.
  • International donors and development agencies
  • Bilateral and multilaterally funded development projects
  • International and local NGOs
  • Local and international businesses

Whether an issue is local or multi-jurisdictional, work area specific or inter-disciplinary, it is our culture and philosophy to work closely with clients to understand all of their legal needs to devise appropriate and comprehensive solutions. We also keep our clients apprised of legal developments that may affect their operations in Nepal.


The firm is also able to draw on the resources of a network of independently practicing legal professionals. This network of associates in different parts of the country gives our firm a pan Nepal footprint. Our associates are at the cutting edge of Nepal's legal developments. As such, we are able to render specialized services in every legal aspect of Nepal through our integrated professional network. We also cooperate with solo practitioners and law firms on a world-wide basis.

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Areas We Work

Nepal Consulting Lawyers Inc is able to provide services in a myriad of legal contexts. Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

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We address the interpretation and implementation of the Nepalese Constitution and federalism, the three branches (the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary) of the government, the rights of the individual in relation to the state, state and legal structures, the legislative and financial procedures, and other jus commune, or law of the land, that may consist of a variety of imperative and consensual rules. These may include customary law, conventions, statutory law, judge made law or international rules and norms. The Supreme Court plays a crucial role in interpreting the Constitution. Consequently, we also focus on Supreme Court rulings. In contemporary Nepal, a 'constituent assembly' will soon draft and adopt a new constitution. Nepal Consulting Lawyers Inc is also involved in this process as an expert.

The firm has expertise in handling issues like protection against public (government) and/or private sector discrimination, due process and equal protection requirements, protection against private actors or entities. Areas of experience cover freedoms that protect the individual from government including freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, and additionally, the right to due process, to fair trial, to own property and to privacy.

We also have substantial experience in parliamentary process. We have provided expertise to bill review programmes, procedures relating to the conduct of business by parliamentary committees, procedures for introducing a Bill, procedures for passage of bills, withdrawal process, assent procedures, ordinances, exercise of taxing powers, procedures as to disbursement of revenues, expenditure from consolidated funds or government funds, rules as to estimates of revenues and expenditure, appropriation process, supplementary estimates, votes on account, votes on credit, contingency fund process, and legal drafting.

The firm has expertise on justice sector reform projects - enhancing capacity of justice sector institutions to deliver services efficiently and effectively; strengthening linkages between justice institutions; improved access to justice, especially for the poor and vulnerable; enhancing citizens' trust in a justice system which respects their rights, upholds their responsibilities and meets their needs.

We help develop legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as policy and institutional environments, which foster economic activity and sustainable development. We assist our clients on law and policy reform operations and knowledge products, as well as various tools and strategies to help them manage challenges on the legal front.

Legal consultation on issues relating to creating and sustaining legal environments conducive to economic growth and equitable social development - particularly in the context of privatization, deregulation and mobilization of private sector resources for investment in infrastructure in developing capital and securities markets, and the broader concerns including environment, consumer protection and women in development issues. We have a good experience in energy and infrastructure law, and have also advised our clients on compliance issues including under procurement laws. Furthermore, in an era of increasingly limited resources available from donor countries, we can help our client departments focus on administrative reforms to promote more efficient and effective use of public funds.

Our legal research offering will allow you to request reference materials from databases on history of prior court cases. We can meet your required research needs whether they are from primary or secondary databases. For example, we can assist you to monitor legislative and judicial decisions that directly impact your business.

The firm is experienced in evaluating projects in our areas of work to help ensure effective decision-making, organizational learning, accountability and impact. We are handy in conducting systematic and objective assessment of ongoing or completed projects, and determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. We also help feed lessons learned into the decision-making process of the project stakeholders, including donors and national partners. 

You can also have a legal document created to suit your specific requirement. If you would like us to review a document, or to polish up changes you have made, we shall be happy to do so. Many document customers use this service.

As the provider of legal support services, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients and respond to their ever changing service needs. As such, we will continue to augment our current line of service offerings and provide the same levels of quality, responsiveness, customer service and support.

Our People

The firm is supported by a team of core consultants with expertise in different branches of law. You may email us with your service requests. We will revert to you with cvs of consultants that are compatible with your requirements.

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Dr Bipin Adhikari

Senior Advocate

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Umesh Gautam


Abhishekh Adhikari

Abhishekh Adhikari


Jagannath Shrestha

Jagannath Shrestha


Pabitra Raut

Pabitra Raut


Bidushi Adhikari

Bidushi Adhikari


Our Mission & Values

Our firm’s mission is “to provide value to our clients by providing high quality and cost-effective professional legal services”. We measure our success by the value we create for our clients. We strongly believe in building long term and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients, associates and stakeholders.

Our firm’s core values consist of the following three pillars:

  • “Integrity” in our conduct and dealings with clients and stakeholders.
  • High level of “professionalism” in carrying out and completing assignments to the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Full and unconditional respect for our clients’ “confidentiality”.

Contact Us

We are just a phone call or a send button away from you. You can reach us via email or phone.

  • Contact Person Bipin Adhikari, PhD
    Senior Legal Analyst
  • Email
  • Phone Land Line: +977 1 5712654
    Cell: +977 9823513022
  • Address 111/24 Tusal Road
    Gaurighat, Kathmandu